Wall Sawing

Precision Cutting Made Easy

Track mounted and cuts to a depth of 730mm. Our Wall Saws are remarkably safe and comes highly recommended for demolition work. They are well suited for cutting and extending openings for doors and windows, openings in floors, in reinforced concrete, masonry and natural stone.

For both fast and accurate cutting, our Wall Saws remain the number one choice for demolition works. With the capability of cutting both horizontally and vertically, these machines are highly accurate and versatile in their applications.

The benefits include:

Hydraulic and electric applications to suit internal and external applications

Minimal water use. The electric motor retains high power so less water is needed for cooling which reduces slurry

State-of-the-art wireless remote controls so our operators can work at a safe distance away

Straight cuts with minimal wear thanks to the track-mounted system which guarantees a straight cut every time

Flush Cutting and Inverted applications available

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We've thought about the risks. That's why all of our equipment comes with a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) developed by the Concrete Cutting and Drilling Association of Australia (CSDAA) to help keep everyone safe.

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