Sydney Light Rail

Project Commence Date: October 2015

Project Completion Date: March 2020


As featured in the CSDAA 2019 Diamonds Magazine

A Small Team With a Big Impact

Town Hall Station Shut Down Works

Seven operators, three labourers and 2000m of saw cutting within the heart of Sydney's CBD.

The $2.1 billion Sydney Light Rail Project commenced back in 2015 with Ripa Concrete Cutting having been engaged since the very beginning. In October 2018, Ripa Concrete Cutting was appointed to complete various saw cutting works at George Street as part of the Zone 7 shut down works implemented by the principal contractor, Acciona Infrastructure.

Planning showed that the area was to be cut into two sections. The first being 90m long x 6.7m wide x 600mm deep. The second being 30m long x 6.7m wide x 600mm deep. These sections would then be cut into 850 x 850mm squares for removal of the concrete roadway that was above the brick work incorporating Town Hall Station.

However, with the works taking place directly over the station, this meant that any excavators the client requested couldn't be used without concern that the structure underneath would collapse as the roadway was removed. The solution had to be both safe and achievable within the time restraints given by Acciona Infrastructure.

Using the Tyrolit CP-110 Concrete Burster, Ripa Concrete Cutting was able to burst the concrete by drilling 542 core holes at 115mm diameter to a depth of 600mm for bursting heads. The hydraulic rams pushed both sides until the concrete separated which allowed the blocks to be removed freely with no damage to the structure below with Ripa providing slurry control for the duration of works.

George Street Shut Down Works 

During December 2016, Ripa Concrete Cutting undertook the removal of a section of George Street which was 120m long x 60m wide x 500mm deep. The catch? The works had to be completed within 36 hours.

To make sure the works were completed within the designated time frame, Ripa used three Husqvarna 48hp Diesel Roadsaws, one Mecco 60hp Diesel Roadsaw and one Husqvarna 84hp Diesel Roadsaw to saw cut 1345m of cutting. Furthermore, Ripa had to make an additional 926 cuts through the railway tracks which ran north and south along George Street with an upturned rail running east and west.

Once all the cutting was complete, Ripa then began removing the concrete blocks with a bobcat and excavator. The first 60 metres were able to be removed from the slab successfully. However, due to the remaining concrete blocks being above Town Hall Station, hundreds of 115mm diameter cores holes had to be drilled into the existing cut lines so the Hydrostress Concrete Burster could delaminate the blocks from the brickwork in order for Ripa to slide them free using the excavator one row at time.

This section of the Sydney Light Rail Project was successfully completed within the required timeframe.

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