Core Drilling


A Popular Application

There are many applications where core drilling is both effective and efficient. It's a technique specifically designed to remove a cylinder of material to create circular holes which are ideal for the installation of plumbing, electrical and air conditioning piping and conduit.


We specialize in being able to drill anywhere from 12mm to 1200mm diameter holes to depths beyond 4m. With our single phase, 3 phase and hydraulic drills, there's no job that we can't do.

Features include:

State-of-the-art equipment which come in a single phase, 3 phase or a hydraulic application

The ability to core drill inverted, underwater or handheld

An extensive range of sizes ranging from 12mm to 1200mm in diameter to depths beyond 4m

Electric or petrol configured power packs to run our hydraulic drills



Smaller Diameter Core Holes

Smaller diameter holes are often required for the installation of dowels and chemset rods in existing concrete slabs. Otherwise, core drilling is most often required for the installation of plumbing, electrical and air conditioning piping and conduit.

Hydraulic Drilling

When drilling large diameter core holes, our hydraulic drills run off either an electric or petrol configured power pack which drives the hydraulic pump. These units deliver four times the horse power than any other conventional electric powered drill. It's the perfect choice when needing to drill through heavily reinforced concrete.

Stitch Drilling & Penetrations

Core drilling can be used to remove entire sections of concrete by 'stitching' the holes together. This technique is very useful in situations where conventional cutting equipment cannot operate. It is also ideal for when overcutting on penetrations cannot be made. The placement of core holes in the corners allows a 'breakout' of material without having to pass a saw blade beyond the margin of the corner. Core drilling also has the advantage of being able to achieve much greater depths of cut than any other technique with the exception of wire sawing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any depth restrictions?

There is only a depth restriction when the core hole is so narrow that extension bars cannot fit through the core hole itself. The minimum width for an extension bar is 50mm. However, we do carry a large range of extended barrels that can overcome this situation if needed

Can you work from heights?

Yes. All of our operators carry with them their Elevated Work Platform (EWP) licence and Working At Heights certificate. We can supply a small snappy scaffold (for an additional fee). Otherwise our operators can work from boom lifts, scissor lifts or scaffolds (no ladders).

We've thought about the risks. That's why all of our equipment comes with a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) developed by the Concrete Cutting and Drilling Association of Australia (CSDAA) to help keep everyone safe.

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