Concrete Bursting, Crushing & Splitting

Demolition Without the Dust

Specially designed, our concrete crushers, splitters and bursters are perfect for silent demolition where both noise and dust are an issue. They are also the perfect choice for confined space applications. 


Concrete bursting (or hydraulic bursting) is a controlled method of demolition to separate large concrete structures into more manageable pieces. It is considered one of the safest and most efficient methods of removing mass concrete or pillars.

The benefits include:

Extremely effective for demolishing large concrete structures

No dust, no noise and no vibration


Our hydraulic concrete and rock splitters deliver 400 tonnes of force both silently and without dust or vibrations. They are designed to split any hard material safely without any flying debris.

The benefits include:

400 tonnes of force and all in one hand

Just like our concrete crushers, our splitters are also silent, dust and vibration free

Our splitters are perfect for pile splitting works!

We've thought about the risks. That's why all of our equipment comes with a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) developed by the Concrete Cutting and Drilling Association of Australia (CSDAA) to help keep everyone safe.


The hydraulic hand-held crusher is a system for demolition works with the capacity to deliver 30 tonnes of crushing force to floors and walls silently, to a depth of 300mm.

Due to it's impressive strength, this two man operated unit makes light work of hard to get jobs and tight access areas despite weighing 47kg.

The benefits include:

No dust, no noise and no vibration

30 tonnes of crushing force with the ability to crush 300mm deep

Can crush through walls and floors

Electric/Hydraulic application - 240v single phase


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